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The Teaching & Research Department of Physical & Aesthetic Education

UIR’s Teaching and Research Department of Physical and Aesthetic Education (TRDPAE) was founded in September 2005. The TRDPAE faculty is responsible for physical education, sports training, sports science research, athletic competitions, mass sports, and students’ physical fitness tests for all UIR students. With support from the university’s leaders and from other departments, the TRDPAE staff works diligently to make physical education and sports an important part of student life on the UIR campus.

With one full professor, three associate professors, four instructors, and one secretary, the TRDPAE faculty is known for its rigorous approach to teaching and training. One of the faculty members is recognized as an international-level referee, three as national-level referees, and three as national-level first-grade referees. The teaching faculty has accumulated years of experience, and made important contributions in their professional fields.

The UIR sports stadium occupies 24110 square meters, including a multi-function gymnasium of 4567 square meters. The gym is equipped with an indoor tennis court, a court for badminton and table tennis, a martial arts room, a fitness center, a billiard room, and a multi-purpose room. The stadium also has an outdoor tennis court and 10 practice sites for golf. The outdoor area of the stadium has a quarter-mile running track, three basketball courts, and three tennis courts. The per-student size of the stadium is one of the largest among Beijing’s universities. This well-equipped stadium serves UIR both for physical education and training and also as a recreational center for the students and the staff.

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