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The School of Information Science & Technology

The School of Information Science and Technology was founded in 2015, when it evolved from the Department of Information Technology, which had been established in 2003. The school is dedicated to providing its students with an education that combines a basic knowledge of politics, foreign languages, and mathematics with the professional skills of communication and information systems, network security, and computer application technology and management. Our students learn to use the latest technologies, analytical methods, and systems of international and domestic intelligent processing and data analysis. Thus in the future, our students could serve better in national administrative departments, industrial and commercial enterprises, financial institutions, and research and development institutes in information processing, intelligent information system analysis, design, management, and assessment.

The School of Information Science and Technology offers a major in information management and systems, with concentrations in information security, intelligent information processing, and data science. Our graduate education program offers a Master’s degree in Communication and Information Systems, in Electronics and Communications Engineering, and in Technology and Police Affairs, with information security and data analysis as the two main focuses.

The school’s primary courses cover the areas of advanced mathematics, probability theory and statistics, linear algebra, discrete mathematics, operations research, physics, data structures, software engineering, database systems, programing in C and C++, operating systems and security, computer networks, information security, network security technology, computer forensics, intelligence acquisition and analysis, data mining, search engines, multimedia and picture processing.

The School of Information Science and Technology sets basic teaching and research office, as well as teaching and research offices for information security, data processing, and public computer teaching, and an information technology laboratory. The information technology laboratory comprises nine areas: physics, basic computing, information security and countermeasures, multimedia, information acquisition and analysis, software engineering, computer hardware, computer communication, and condition security. In addition, the information technology laboratory includes a “PKU-UIR” joint information technology laboratory. The school provides graduate students with practical experience in organizations that include the Beijing Institute of Electronic Technology Application, the China Information Security Evaluation Center, and Beijing VRV Software Co., LTD.

Through its cooperation with research groups in government ministries and commissions, and in high-tech research and development companies, the School of Information Science and Technology has developed a research and teaching faculty comprising mainly young teachers who maintain an extensive network of communication and collaboration with well-known domestic and foreign schools, research institutes, and academic groups.

With its goal to take its place among the top universities internationally, the School of Information Science and Technology endeavors to provide its students with access to cutting-edge scientific knowledge and research and an excellent academic environment, as it strives to become a flagship science and engineering school within UIR.

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