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The Department of Public Management

The Department of Public Management offers a major in administrative management as well as two Master’s degree programs—one in International affairs management and China and another in foreign political institutions. The teaching focus is on management of foreign affairs, to cultivate talents with good political qualities and English, systematic knowledge of the administrative and foreign management, skills of administrative management especially those related to foreign affairs. Thus, those talents in the future can be qualified for management work in areas of party work, finance and foreign affairs in various fields.

The department’s teaching faculty includes five full professors, ten associate professors, and three instructors. Two of these individuals are recognized as being among the top teachers in Beijing, and two are recognized as ministry-level top teachers. Two other individuals are first-prize winners for teaching abilities among Beijing’s young teachers in higher education. One of the faculty members won first prize in a nation-wide competition for micro-class teaching.

The department is currently working on four national research programs and seven provincial research programs.

Students receive a Bachelor of Management degree when they graduate from our four-year undergraduate program in administrative management. The following courses are required for the major: Introduction to Classic Monographs, Principles of International Public Affairs Management, Principles of Foreign Affairs Management, Selected Readings in English Classical Works, Principles of International Public Relations, the Study of International Cooperation, International Business, Principles of Political Science, Principles of Management, administrative management, Municipal Management, Local Government, Public Strategy, Public Finance, the Chinese Civil Servant System, and Government Performance Assessment. Our students acquire both foundational theoretical knowledge in governmental management of foreign affairs and practical abilities in the field, as well as a well-developed proficiency in English.

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