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The Department of International Politics

Founded in 1984, the Department of International Politics began as the Teaching and Research Office of International Relations established in 1980. The Department of International Politics was one of the first academic departments in the country to offer an undergraduate major in international politics major following the Great Opening Up that began in 1979. The priority of the department has always been discipline construction, with the cultivation of its students' talents its core mission. Since 1981 the Department of International Politics has collaborated with the China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations in training graduate students majoring in international relations. In 1989 the department published China's first monograph on theories of international relations, An Introduction to International Relations and was certified to offer Master's degree programs in international relations and international politics in 1990 and 2003, respectively. The international relations discipline was awarded as Beijing's key discipline in 2008. First level discipline in politics was authorized in 2010. Today the Department of International Politics has a compact well-structured teaching faculty, with 60% of its members having senior titles and many qualified for advising Ph.D. students. True to its motto, "develop political knowledge to serve our country and the world", the department has been producing graduates with advanced political awareness, extensive professional knowledge, a broad strategic perspective, and a solid foundation in foreign languages.

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