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The Department of International Economics

Founded in 1984, UIR’s Department of International Economics was the first department in any of the nation’s top universities to offer a program combining the study of international economics and trade with instruction in English as a foreign language. After more than thirty years of effort and innovation, the department has achieved remarkable accomplishments in program development, the cultivation of talent among its students, scientific research, and social service. In 2003 the department was certified to confer a Master’s degree in World Economics. In 2008 an undergraduate concentration in government was initiated within the major in international economics and trade, and in 2009 the department was recognized as a national-level academic discipline administrator by the Ministry of Education. In 2010, the department was certified to offer a Master’s degree in Theoretical Economics.

Since its establishment, the department has received wide recognition for having trained a great number of talented, highly qualified, and versatile individuals with broad knowledge not only in international economics and trade, but also in the English language.

Today the Department of International Economics offers an undergraduate major of international economics and trade with two different study focuses respectively on international economics & trade, and government procurement. As well, four different strands are offered within the Master’s program in Theoretical Economics: western economics, political economy, world economics, and international public procurement.

Additionally, the department has an Institute of National Economic Security and an Institute of Public Market and Government Procurement, and maintains a collaborative relationship with a number of national ministries and commissions, research institutes, news media, and Chinese branches of international organizations.

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