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The Department of Culture and Communication

The Department of Culture and Communication was founded on the basis of the merging of the Department of International Journalism and the Department of Chinese Language. Those two old departments was both founded in 1984 and got merged in 1996. The department received its current name in 2004 and began to enroll students in 2005. Through its years of progress, the Department of Culture and Communication has built a solid teaching faculty with a broad academic perspective. The department strives to help its students achieve their full potential by providing them with a store of basic and advanced knowledge. In 2008, its major “Communication” was rewarded as the Characteristic Specialty of Universities in Beijing and that of Ministry of Education successively, which laid an important cornerstone for the department’s steady development in the new era.

The major Communication offers courses on instruction to communications, public opinion study, journalistic practices, cross-cultural communication, international public relations, communication-related law and ethics, western society and culture, international media, and network communications, as well as the history of Chinese culture and 21st-century Chinese literature.

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