Academic Exchange

UIR encourages and sponsors its students and faculty to enter into academic exchange in teaching and learning with universities home and abroad by building high-quality platforms at different levels.

UIR arranges overseas academic exchange and training programs for its faculty and staff. Every year, the university organizes or finances its faculty members to participate in academic conferences or work as visiting scholars in universities in the United States, Denmark, Germany, Republic of Korea, Hong Kong, Macau, etc. The university leaders regularly participate in the "Overseas Training Program of University Leaders" organized by the Ministry of Education and SAFEA. Moreover, UIR has operated consecutive overseas training programs for its teaching and administrative backbone.

UIR and its partner universities jointly hold high-level international conferences, seminars, cooperate in academic journal editing and publishing, and invite renowned scholars and experts home and abroad to our university for academic exchanges. For instance, UIR hosted the international seminar named "Shared Security: World Peace and Global Governance" featuring hot issues in international relations. UIR and Marietta College jointly hold "Summer Palace Forums", where scholars and entrepreneurs exchange ideas on innovation education and talent development. In addition, UIR and Aalborg University co-established the "China and International Relations Research Center" and have published academic works. During the Summer School in 2015, UIR invited famous scholars such as Mr. Woodrow Clark, the co-winner of Nobel Peace Prize, to give frontier lectures to the faculty and students in our university.

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